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Wolf Center, International

(aka) International Wolf Center

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7100 Northland Circle N.
Suite 205
Minneapolis,  MN 55428
Phone: 800-ELY-WOLF

Join the Pack! Help advance the survival of wolf populations by teaching children and educating the public about wolves, their relationship to wildlands, conservation of their habitats, and how humans and wolves can coexist.

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Success Story

Every year, the Combined Federal Campaign comes around and asks for donations for thousands of different charities. I thought long and hard about what and who to donate to, then I saw the International Wolf Center. I'm passionate about teaching the public that they are not the savage beasts as assumed. Thank you for what you do!
-Neil R., U.S. Air Force

The International Wolf Center has always been my 'go-to' place for objective information about wolves and wolf management. I have referred countless school kids, teachers and others to the website. The International Wolf Center plays such a critical role in this regard. Wolf conservation would be lost without IWC - the polarization would overwhelm us all. Thanks for all you do!
-Former wolf coordinator for Montana

The International Wolf Center is a mission driven organization educating people about wolves and their behavior. The education is centered on how wolves are vital in the balance of nature.
-Judy H., Member

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